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We believe websites should be simple, fast loading with a clean design and easy to use. Let’s talk about your online platform.

The discussion is free but the results might be priceless.

What We Do

We specialize in web platform consulting, optimization and security, and we’d love to help your business thrive on the internet.
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Site Optimization

You don’t like slow loading websites and neither do your clients. Contact us for a quick, no-cost evaluation of your sites loading times.

Platform Maintenance

Monthly site maintenance program includes backups, optimization, monitoring, plugin and security updates as well as one hour of development time.

Online Business Platform

Not sure where to go with your online strategy? We can help you to determine the best path forward to ensure your business goals are met.


Platform Security

Has your website been hacked? We can clean it for you. Better still, let us prevent this from happening in the first place. Join our Platform Maintenance Program.

Site Design

We create website designs for brands, ministry, personalities and the SMB marketplace that are clean, fast loading and easy to use.

Web-Based Solutions

We provide creative, efficient web-based solutions to your business web platform problems. Talk is cheap, well actually talk is free. Give us a call to start the conversation.

Our Latest Work

Check out some of our latest projects. From blog sites for professionals to online stores, we make it happen for small business.

Our Skills

We fix problems. We optimize web pages. We build web platforms and provide maintenance and security for your online business.
Slow websites suck! They cause visitors to click away, costing potential sales and they can reduce the precious Google Love that you’ve worked so hard for. Platform security is never a thing until it is. Backups, monitoring, and maintenance are more critical now than ever with the new GDP requirements. Web Design does not need to be complicated.

Call, text or yell real loud and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

  • Optimization – 90%
  • Platform Security – 77%
  • Web Design – 85%
From Our Clients
If you’re not getting the attention you need, give us a call. We put our clients first in our business, just like you do.
“Charles is a pleasure to work with. He’s knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, and, most importantly, fixed my problem quickly. I highly recommend him. This was my first time using Upwork, and it’s tough to see how anyone could be more capable.”

Fly Fishing Blogger, Yellowstone, MT

“Charles has excellent communication skills, very customer oriented and a solution-driven person. Highly recommended!”

Business Owner, Redwood City, CA

“Charles did a great job. He went the extra mile to research options and gave me advice to speed up the website. I now score 99 on computer and 98 on mobile devices according to Google Insights. My competitors score at “needs work” in the 60 to 80 range.”

Transportation Business, Chicago, IL

“Excellent and timely work. Also, never complained about me asking for changes. Great attitude. Great guy. Great work. Highly recommend.”

Financial Business Owner, NY, NY

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