Wordpress hints and tips

We’re huge WordPress fans here are Ecto Creative and we have received tons of help from the various WordPress community forums and websites. That’s why we are happy to give back in any way we can. The goal of our blog is to provide hints, tips, and reviews around the WordPress eco system that may assist someone as we have been assisted so many times. – Hutch, Ecto Creative

WordPress Site Optimization

Your slow loading website is costing you visitors and revenue Nobody likes a slow loading website. Especially your new visitors. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, people may not stay on your site long enough to view your message. How To test...

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3 Reasons Why Printers Suck

Why do printers have to suck? I'm going to give you 3 reasons why printers suck. Can we just be honest? USB connected, directly connected to your network or, heaven forbid, wirelessly connected. Printers just don't work as easily as they could. They've certainly been...

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Zeb Taylor Site Design

Zeb Taylor I created this website for Zeb Taylor. Zeb is a nature photographer residing and working in Lower Cape May County, NJ. His beautiful surroundings give Zeb the perfect opportunity to get nature photos year around. Never without his camera, he's been shooting...

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Updating Divi Pages

How to Update your Divi Pages In this post, I will share the steps for updating Divi pages on your Divi themed WordPress site. Keep in mind, you are editing PAGES here, not blog posts. Pages are typically static content in WordPress that are initially...

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Build Your Own Small Business Website?

  What does it take to build a business website? "What does it take to build a business website?" Before you jump into building your business website site on one of the "Free" or "Cheap" web building solutions, let's discuss what it takes to successfully design,...

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