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No catch at all. You want your site to load as fast as possible and I can help. It’s a FREE evaluation. If you choose to purchase my services, that would be great. If you choose not to, that’s fine also. You can even share the report with whomever you choose to do the work for you. I think the time is well invested for both the business owner and myself.

I realized, when bidding on website optimization projects, that I needed to create a report in order to explain to the potential client what work would be required, and how long it would take to complete. I do this on every project whether I get the job or not. Since I always run the risk, when competing for work, of putting time into a project proposal that I may not win, providing a report to you is really the same thing. I’m happy to provide the report in hopes of you allowing me to optimize your site.

Yes, I am very qualified. I’ve been working in the WordPress ecosystem for over 10 years. Designing and building WordPress sites for small businesses is very rewarding. The last few years as a full-time freelancer I realized that most business owners do not have the time or inclination to optimize their business websites page load times. I specialize in WordPress site optimizations and have helped many, many business just like yours speed up their websites.

The evaluation is free. If you choose to allow me to optimize your site, the entire project will range from $275 ~ $450. Why such a large range? There are many factors that slow down a website such as scripts, big fat images, bad plugins, budget hosting, lack of caching, compression, etc. Once I create the report, we will understand the time it takes to complete the effort.

Most optimizations projects can happen without your site ever going down or without users knowing. If your site must be taken “off-line” to install something or if there is a risk that a change could impact the availability of your site, a late night time will be scheduled to ensure the least possible impact to your visitors.

Please note: This report can take up to five days to get back to you. It depends on how busy I am.