Payment Schedule for Website Design

Our payment schedule for website design is very standard. Once you agree to the quote, an Authorization to Proceed document is created and signed by you and I. This document defines the project deliverables, dates, and payment schedule.  Below is our typical payment schedule for website development. Maintenance and/or hosting fees are paid monthly.

1/2 of the project cost is paid upon signature of the ATP. This covers the initial expense of any software purchases and third-party registrations (plugins, subscriptions and functional sites such as marketing management tools) that may be required for project completion. Note: Software and any annual registrations are the responsibility of the client unless a prior agreement is created.

The remaining project cost is due upon launch of the project unless the project is not completed by completion date. We may require an additional payment towards project costs with the remainder due upon completion.

A project example:

We enter into an agreement where Ecto Creative agrees to create a company website for you. Along with the site design and creation, you would like on-going site maintenance, (backups, emergency recovery, virus protection, plugin and core software updates). You would also like us to host your site for you. Here is the breakdown of costs for a site with one year of maintenance and hosting.

  • Site Design $1,500
  • Hosting $75.00 per month
  • Site Maintenance $125.00 per month

$750.00 is paid at the signing of the ATP
$750.00 is paid at the successful go-live of the website on the internet. If the time to deliver is longer than 30 days, I require 1/2 of the remaining balance or $375.00 and $375.00 at the successful go-live of the website on the internet.

Website hosting and maintenance are invoiced monthly.

Software, software maintenance, memberships or subscriptions for services are the responsibility of the Client. I am happy to coordinate the payments of any of these services for you via your credit card.

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At Ecto Creative we want to work with you to create a small business website design that meets your functional requirements AND gets your business found on the internet.

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