WordPress Small Business Web Platform

It’s more than just some pages, images and links. A WordPress small business website platform is made up of the site and various services that support the mission of the site. When these are properly integrated together, they create a functioning business solution or “platform” running on the internet. A small business website may use some or all of these tools to have a healthy web presence.

Below, I explain the various pillars of a small business web platform.

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Website Hosting

A web hosting provider manages and maintains the server hardware and software that your website runs on. It is the first pillar that all websites start with.

Of course, with the right knowledge, you could host your website on a PC or Server in your home but you will run the risk of a power outage or hardware problem bring your site to a screeching halt. You don’t want that.

Since this is a pillar of your web platform, it’s important to get the proper hosting to start with. In the site optimization part of our business, hosting is by far the most important aspect to a fast loading webpage. We recommend two types of hosting for WordPress sites.

1) Managed WordPress Hosting from companies such as SiteGround (affiliate link) or WPEngine.

2) Cloud or VPS hosting. While hosting in the cloud on a Virtual Private Server used to be “through-the-roof” expensive, today you can actually get FREE VPS instances to develop your site on and move it to your host when done. Paid VPS plans are as low as $10.00 per month from services such as Cloudways (Affiliate Link) and VPS.NET.

What’s in a small business web platform:

Hosting – Fast, reliable

Domain Name and Registrar

Keep all your domains in one place for ease of management.


For your business mail addresses and for marketing to your clients. Using email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Constant Contact can help create a standard look and feel for your marketing campaigns.


Selling products from your website? It will be much easier to setup and maintain your store with an add-on like Shopify (cloud-based) or WooCommerce.

SSL & Site Security

A must have if you’re collecting credit card payments on your site. SSL (look for a host that provides at least Let’s Encrypt (link) setup for free. You may require more at a cost. If you’re building a WP site, look at the many security plugins that are available.


You’ll need content for your site. This will coincide with your business and may be as simple as some products with pricing. Usually, however, you’ll have some articles on your site to be read by the SEO overloads. This will have to be created by you or by a copyrighter or digital designer. Both can be found inexpensively on Upwork.


Know your website’s niche. Begin thinking of search before you begin building. It’s a good idea to have an idea. Need some help getting started with SEO. There are many tools and products to help. To help you with analyzing your on-site content, we like SEOPress for its price and ease of use. If you need help breaking into your segment, look at Moz. They’re the pros.


This one can be confusing. The minimum required here is an account on Google Analytics to track your “success” in terms of visitors to your site. Get your tracking ID and prove that you own the site and you are on your way. There are thousands of articles and blog posts that explain what to do once you’re set up with analytics. Search Google for much, much more information.

The pillars above are meant to show the minimum requirements of a solid WordPress small business website foundation. We have not mentioned mobile, responsive design, RSS or any of the other services that will compliment your web presence. We are happy to Analyze your site for best practices and for other items that may be added to help your small business succeed on the internet.

I hope this helps you to understand that there is more to a website than just some pages, images, and links. There are many components that create a healthy, working web platform.

If you have any questions or just want to run some ideas by us, get in touch. The first conversation is free, the info could be priceless.


Shared Hosting?

Web Hosting

VPS Hosting?


Platform Security

No matter how fast loading or how well your site ranks in search for your products or topics, if it has been hacked or otherwise compromised, it’s not beneficial to anyone. Contact us for a free evaluation.


You don’t like slow loading websites and neither do your clients. Contact us for a quick, no-cost evaluation of your sites loading times.


Your company lives in email and without it, communications would stop. How secure are your email communications? Ecto Creative recommends Microsoft’s Office 365. Let us show you how to get started.

Email Marketing

Not sure where to go with your online strategy? We can help you in determining the best path forward to ensure your business goals are met.

Search Performance

Monthly site maintenance program includes backups, optimization, monitoring, plugin and security updates as well as one hour of development time.


Content Management

We create website designs for brands, ministry, personalities and the SMB marketplace that are clean, fast loading and easy to use.