Platform Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance

Ecto Creative performs monthly website maintenance for our web clients. Site maintenance is always required. Plugins, themes, files, security, all of these items are important to the health and availability of the website. Our maintenance program allows the owners of the websites to focus on their business instead of their websites.

Monthly maintenance is an ongoing list of scheduled checks that allows us to methodically review each aspect of a website, along with continuous monitoring and alerting, allowing us to be informed immediately and react to any site downtime or performance issues.

A typical monthly maintenance plan starts at just $200 per month, depending on the number of pages and third-party integrations.


What’s included in our monthly website maintenance plan

  • Offsite backups and restoration – We are responsible for the backing up and potential restoration of your site, should it be required.
  • Real-time, 24-hour monitor for uptime/availability – using our tools, we monitor all of our websites for uptime and availability.
  • Up to 1 hours of site enhancements
  • E-commerce support
  • Google webmaster tools monitoring and corrective actions on messages, crawl errors, page redirection, and accessibility issues.
  • Malware identification and removal
  • Update WordPress core CMS files, themes, and plugins. – Updated web files keep security vulnerabilities in check.
  • Database optimization to keep your site loading properly.
  • Check Wordfence (or Gravity Scan) security for alerts and findings.
  • Validate online forms are working correctly.
  • Review comment spam and remove.
  • Crawl to check for any broken links with link checker.
  • Review disk space.
  • Verify SSL cert.
  • Check site load speed and correct if necessary including page cache refreshing.
  • Monthly reporting.

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Monthly site maintenance program includes backups, optimization, monitoring, plugin and security updates as well as one hour of development time.

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