Your slow loading website is costing you visitors and revenue

Nobody likes a slow loading website. Especially your new visitors. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, people may not stay on your site long enough to view your message.

How To test your site loading time

Point your browser to and type in the URL of the page you want to test. You can test multiple pages, multiple times. If you have a cache plugin installed and correctly configured on your site, be sure to clear that cache prior to testing to ensure you’re including the most recent site.

I’ve found that, directly after clearing the site’s cache, I may need to run a few tests to get a valid average.

What’s a good page loading speed result?

Most people say that a page should load in under 2 seconds. However, when should a page be considered “loaded”? Is it when some content first appears on the page or when the page is fully loaded? I think it depends on the site, the site’s content and when and where that content shows on the page.

Keep in mind, the object is to keep visitors ON the page till it’s loaded – FULLY. That can be accomplished by having the most important content load first, above the “fold”.